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Wedding Planning in 2020: Microweddings and Minimonies

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Thanks to COVID-19, the focus of weddings has overwhelmingly turned inward and focused on the original intention of that day. Weddings are a declaration to the world that you’re committed to sharing life with one another. Microweddings and minimonies offer the chance to simplify the celebration by providing a more intimate environment, while allowing time to party virtually or at a later date.

Nearly 80% of weddings, each year takes place during wedding season—May through early October. That’s over 500,000 weddings in the US during that season alone. Unfortunately for couples planning their nuptials in 2020, the Covid Pandemic tried to ruin the season. But you are more likely to stop the rain from falling than you are a woman once she has made up her mind about her wedding, her day, and her man.

For many couples, excitement has been overtaken by anxiety and disappointment that their weddings will be nothing like they envisioned—if they happen at all. Microweddings and minimonies are a way for couples to proceed with their vows for now, with the opportunity to hold a traditional wedding ceremony and reception later.



MICROWEDDING: A microwedding is more along the lines of a traditional wedding, just with a smaller guest list—up to 50 guests. Microweddings are taking the quiet, intimate, small group wedding and layering on the luxury of traditional weddings—and then some!

MINIMONY: A minimony is a commitment ceremony between the couple, and can include 10 to 12 people (as long as all social distancing protocols are followed). Many couples choose this option to honor their original wedding date or to move forward with their nuptials for legal purposes.

-SEQUEL WEDDING: Coined by The Knot in 2019 largely for couples deciding to have two distinct weddings for cultural, religious and other reasons, the sequel wedding has evolved taking on new meanings in 2020. Couples choosing to have a minimony on their original wedding date allows them to solidify their union while hosting a sequel wedding later when allowed, like on their first anniversary. This allows the couple to have their original wedding vision come to life, just at a later date. And, good news for 2020 couples, having a sequel wedding is actually encouraged!

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MICROWEDDINGS: Keep the date, make it amazing!

las vegas weddingsMicroweddings are not a new, pandemic concept. Many couples have embraced the trend towards the minimalist lifestyle happening in food & design, and transferred it to weddings. Smaller weddings allow a more intimate affair so couples can spend more time surrounded by the people they love most. Small guest lists allow for proper social distancing protocols but still let a couple celebrate with their nearest and dearest.

The micro wedding budget might be a fraction of the original wedding cost as the guest count is much lower; however, this isn’t necessarily the case.  Many couples are opting for a more luxurious, personalized event for their guests. Last year’s average wedding cost was $38,700; imagine dividing that budget between 50 guests instead of 150.

Details are what make the celebration unique to the couple, so pay attention to them, and make them meaningful. Because of the intimate setting of a microwedding, the couple has the ability to get creative and add special touches to the celebration. Things like personal vows or love letters, serving a favorite dish or interactive ceremony elements that get guests involved, can make the day feel monumental and unique. Weddings with champagne bars, spectacular multi-course gourmet dinners with wine pairings, luxurious linens, and centerpieces are the new “norm.” Couples are choosing to invest in pampering those closest to them. They’re selecting some of their own personal favorite things rather than going with something that fits for a larger crowd within their budget.

Wedding Planning Las Vegas

The micro wedding reception activities might also look a little different. Instead of the traditional “dance the night away,” couples might turn to alternative forms of entertainment that are appropriate for small groups, like lawn games—cornhole, giant Jenga, and giant Yahtzee. These types of activities allow guests to have fun and connect with the couple in a casual way without music/dancing. If the wedding couple wants to cut a rug with a band or DJ just make sure the dancing area is large enough to maintain social distancing.

Another new term in the wedding industry is “Shift weddings.” A shift wedding is a celebration with multiple small groups of people shifting either the time or location of guests to meet social distancing and CDC group gathering guidelines. Generally, this would mean that one group of guests experience the ceremony and perhaps a small cocktail party and another group joins for the reception. A virtual element could be incorporated so guests can experience “shifts” other than their own. With different groups at the venue, time to fully sanitize the reception area for each new group of guests must be planned.


MINIMONY & SEQUEL WEDDING: Marry now, party later!

Wedding Planning Las VegasNow is the time for the couple to lean into building the foundation for their marriage, while a celebration with loved ones will most certainly follow. It’s the best of both worlds—they can get married now with a small group of guests, then celebrate with everyone they love at a larger wedding next year—which takes a little bit of the sting out of having to postpone the celebration they’ve spent months (or maybe even years) planning.

The couple may choose to make this their actual wedding day with a celebration later, or they might choose their minimony as a commitment ceremony and hold their entire wedding on a later date—the sequel wedding.  For the couple, the minimony is a chance to be true to themselves. Couples can embrace traditions they’ve always dreamt of for their nuptials—like wearing their wedding attire, planning the first look, carrying the bouquet, smashing the cake in each other’s faces, etc. They might include an experience like handwritten vows, a first dance, and snapshots of the future / sequel wedding, like a mini wedding cake from the pastry chef, small floral arrangements from the florist, or requesting the photographer to capture special moments from afar. When the couple is focused on themselves and their wedding desires, they won’t feel pressured to include wedding traditions that do not resonate with them.

Many wedding planners have pivoted to offer “tiny wedding” packages—e.g. a 2 hour celebration that accommodates a maximum of 10 guests, including the couple. For a set price, the couple receives a pre-packaged wedding that takes care of all the details, including venue rental, wedding design, florals, photography, ceremony and officiant, small wedding cake and sparkling wine toast.

Wedding Planning Las VegasPartying with friends and family after a wedding ceremony has been a tradition for a very long time—newly weds want to celebrate with all the people they love, who have been part of each stage of their lives. Wedding receptions also have a historical significance—they are usually the first time that your loved-ones see you as an officially married couple. Typically a minimony does not involve a formal reception. Many couples choose to celebrate by sharing a meal with their closest family and friends. Others may decide to hold a virtual reception following their nuptials. They invite friends and family who could not attend the minimony to their virtual reception. Create a a list of traditions guests can share virtually with the couple, like the first dance, or cutting the cake. The couple might choose to share videos or images of the minimony, or they might hold those secret until the sequel wedding. Virtual guests can participate in a virtual dance party reception and celebrate the couple’s love now, until they can all be together to celebrate in one place later.

The Sequel wedding is where extended friends and family can gather in person to honor the couple and their union. This can include a wedding ceremony or it might be just a reception and chance for the couple to celebrate with all of their loved ones, including those who could not attend on the original date. Start thinking when planning the minimony how the sequel wedding will reflect it. Will they share the same look and feel—colors, decor, floral, or do they feel like two separate events? Are there aspects of the minimony that the couple would like to recreate for the sequel wedding—like the vows, or are there traditions the couple saved for their sequel wedding, like their first dance? With any luck, next year, wedding ceremonies and receptions will accommodate as many guests as a couple wants to invite to witness their vows and celebrate their love, but for now… there are options.Las Vegas Wedding Planning


Weddings in this pandemic-era of 2020 might look a little different than many couples planned, but there is hope for them to have a dream day. Whether that day is split into two, or if there are a few changes made in terms of guest count and location there are still options to have the perfect wedding.

It is still important to remember wedding vendors when planning a microwedding or minimony with a sequel wedding. BESTAgency is happy to have a team of event and wedding planners ready to create the experience of a lifetime. Although the wedding will include a limited number of guests, this day remains one of the most momentous days of a couple’s life. They deserve peace of mind and the expertise planners provide. This person will be the couple’s right hand, their guide and a major time saver. The task of vetting vendors is an assignment that requires a lot of time and effort. The planner will guide the couple to vendors that are the perfect fit for their vision. They will also manage costs and payments, handle communication with vendors, aid in the design and set up, and ensure a smooth wedding day! Without a planner, the couple is left to do everything on their own. Oftentimes friends and family are forced to manage the couple’s affairs on the wedding day. When it comes to experiencing the best day of a couple’s life, a planner is an absolute must!

Our team at BESTAgency knows that when you select the right vendors, they will go above and beyond to make a couple’s wedding day incredible. With a warehouse of elaborate rental items—like furniture and linens, partnerships with amazing vendors—like photographers and caterers, and even a venue that can house all aspects of your wedding now and your party later, BESTAgency is poised to make your wedding day (or days) the one of any couple’s dreams!


las vegas weddings

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