BESTAgency Gives Back

  For over 10 years, BESTAgency has had the honor of producing the Las Vegas JDRF Hope Gala. BESTAgency began its journey with JDRF in 2008, and since then has been able to grow the event to a grand scale. Through our efforts we assisted JDRF in reaching their record breaking 1 million dollar goal, … Read More

EVENT PLANNING 101: 10 Avoidable Frustrations

Organizing events is hugely rewarding, but can also be pretty stressful. If you’re feeling little fed up, don’t worry—you’re not alone in your frustrations. It’s paramount that you have a well-rounded idea of any challenges that may come your way and how to intelligently handle them—or better yet—hire a professional who knows how to avoid … Read More


2020 was certainly not the year any of us envisioned! BESTAgency started off strong, with birthday parties, charity galas, holiday events, photo shoots, and even a basketball tournament. Then, when the world turned upside down, our talented team quickly pivoted as everyone was forced to stay at home and MASKUP. We worked with production teams … Read More

Wedding Planning in 2020: Microweddings and Minimonies

MINIMONIES AND MICROWEDDINGS: NOT JUST PANDEMIC ERA EVENTS Thanks to COVID-19, the focus of weddings has overwhelmingly turned inward and focused on the original intention of that day. Weddings are a declaration to the world that you’re committed to sharing life with one another. Microweddings and minimonies offer the chance to simplify the celebration by … Read More