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BESTAgency Model Casting Call Tips

You checked the BESTAgency website, and there it is in big, bold letters “BESTAgency Model Casting-OPEN CALL”  As the excitement builds, you also start asking yourself question after question after question; “what do I wear, what do I bring, what do I need to do to make myself stand out above the rest?”  Today, we are going to provide you with some tips to help answer your questions as well as give you some insight on what BESTAgency is looking for in a model.

Las Vegas Casting Calls

  1. Read and Follow Directions:  When we post for a casting, there are specifics we request of the models attending, i.e. what to wear, what time to attend, what to bring, etc.  If it’s an open call, we may want models to attend at different times based on age, gender, and type (i.e. promo, runway, print, etc).  Each category may be asked to dress according to the applicable type.  Make sure you read and follow the dress, hair and make-up directions accordingly.
  2. Your Photos Should Look Like You:  In this fast-moving digital world, clients are not always able to do live casting calls for their events. For this reason, they sometimes make booking talent decisions based on photo submissions.  Therefore, you should be recognizable by your photo.  Too much make-up, too much air brushing, too much photo enhancements are all just…too much.  Your photos should show different looks, however, they should still look like you.
  3. Aim to Be Early Rather Than On Time: Attendance for an open call may be quite high, therefore aim to be near the front of the line rather than the end.  If you’re at the end of the line at the end of the casting time, you may be turned away.  Not only are we looking for great models, we want models that we can trust will be on time to bookings. When you arrive, you should already be dressed and ready to be seen.
  4. You and Only You: If you are under the age of 18, you must have a parent/guardian with you during the casting call.  If you are over the age of 18, you should arrive to the casting call by yourself.  If you must bring an additional person, please be aware they will not be allowed in the casting with you and will have to wait in the lobby.
  5. Professionalism and Personality: Maybe you have legs like Gisele Bündchen or bone structure like Tyson Beckford, or maybe you have something else that the modeling industry wants and books.  We want what makes you special and unique, but you have to show us.  In addition, we want to see that you arrived prepared and are enthusiastic about being a BESTAgency model.  You may not already have the experience or a book full of professional photos, but if have the hunger and can follow a few simple tips, you could be the next BESTAgency model.

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