Killer Beaz - Comedian

Beaz is a highly sought-after southern comedian that’s been selling out rooms for decades.  He’s received standing ovations at the famous Ryman Auditorium and at the top comedy clubs in int country. With thousands of stage, television, and radio appearances throughout the country, Killer Beaz has become a beloved performer to millions of comedy fans nationwide.  Born Truett S Beasley, Jr. [thanks, Dad!], Beaz delivers edgy, high-energy, “everyman” style humor that appeals to audiences from Alaska to Florida. Killer Beaz continues to use his formula of high energy with universal appeal as one of the nation’s top comics.  He recently released a new CD with Warner Bros., which is home to his pals, the Blue Collar Comedy guys. Don’t miss an opportunity to catch “The Best Buzz in Town”…You’ll be stung for life!

Video 1 - Family Show / Video 2- Late Show (Adult content)


  • Stand-up Comedian

Career Highlights

  • Currently starring on Discovery Channel’s “Moonshiners”

  • He’s made hundreds of appearances on “The Nashville Network” and “CMT”

  • His first major-label comedy album “Don’t Ever Touch Anybody You Don’t Know” was released in 2013


  • “Beaz is killer!” – Rolling Stone Magazine

  • “Star Rising in the South!” – USA Today

  • “Killer Beaz is f@*># funny! We’re all big fans here at XM Comedy” – Sonny FoxXM Comedy

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