Jimmy Hopper - Vocalist/Songwriter

When National Enquirer invited readers to meet “the hottest unknown performer in America,” it was only a matter of time before Jimmy Hopper would make his Journey of the Heart one which would reach far beyond his popularity in the showrooms and other major venues around the world.  His interim move to the Big Apple provided numerous opportunities to tour nationwide while writing the music and score for the animation project and Broadway musical, The Day There Was No More Music, touted by some to be the next Lion King. The animation version is currently in production stages.

Becoming one of the most sought after concert and performance-show entertainers started long before Las Vegas. Jimmy Hopper began singing at the age of three at the top of his lungs from the back-yard swing in Virginia with his audience of six siblings. His mother tells the story that the neighbors would come out to listen and remind her that “He has the voice of an angel…he’ll grow up to be a singer.” Prophetic words indeed.

His journey continued, from San Francisco in the late 90s where he was awarded “Pop Vocalist of the Year” by the San Francisco Concerto Orchestra. Interestingly enough, it was his first year at the Rio Hotel singing rock ballads that he began singing opera. One music critic provided the most apt description when he said, “Hopper is Freddie Mercury meets Andréa Bocelli.” The white spiked hair is startling in contrast to the strong opera vocals which flow from his lips, when in the next breath he takes on symphonic rock that brings the house down.

Jimmy Hopper delivers a high-energy inimitable evening drawing fans of all ages. He sings the soundtrack of our lives in perfect pitch.



  • Headliner


  • “Performer of the Year”……..Las Vegas Review-Journal

  • “Las Vegas Entertainer of the Year”……..Gaming Today

  • “Pop Vocalist of the Year”……..San Francisco Concerto Orchestra


  • “The most amazing voice you’ll ever love!” – Ron Taft, Daily & Associates

  • “Jimmy Hopper, the artist with an amazing voice and passion, and a show that spans from Rock to Opera, and Classical to Broadway…” – Greg Michael, Favorite Destinations

  • “It doesn’t take long for Hopper and his band to prove how he earned the title Entertainer of the Year…” – Ken Ross, Union News

  • “He packs the house for his performances at The Island. Words of warning, though: If you happen to go there on a ‘school night,’ have a good tardy note ready for the next morning because you’ll probably miss your bedtime. You won’t want to leave…!” – Orange Coast Magazine

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