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TEDxSalem explores more than ‘ideas worth spreading’ at its January 6th event, which will feature both a talk and performance by Las Vegas-based magician Jackson Rayne.

When asked what he is passionate about in life, Jackson is quick to respond: people.

“I love learning and I love teaching and inspiring others. Life is tough and I feel great purpose when my work can positively affect people through entertainment,” he said.

No stranger to Salem, Jackson attended Willamette University where he graduated with his BA in Economics. It’s also where he gained national media attention for his first underwater escape and realized his opportunity of a career in magic.

And for the past 25 years, Jackson has been pushing the extremes, both physical and mental, through dynamic illusions and daring escapes. What began for the fun of learning, developed into a calling that’s earned Jackson a place on center stage as a headlining performer as well as recognition on national television.

But it doesn’t stop there. Jackson is also the holder of multiple world records.

“I broke the fastest escape from a posey straitjacket,” Jackson said. “My original record breaking time was 7.26 seconds which I can now beat by quite a bit. I also broke the world record for most escapes from a straight jacket in one hour with 54 escapes.”

“I didn’t even know I was capable of breaking a world record,” he said. “The first time I was locked up the jacket it took me 45 minutes to escape but I did it. Once I figured out the most efficient route it was just a matter of time. It actually looks very easy now when I escape because it happens so fast.”

Join us at TEDxSalem to hear illusionist Jackson Rayne’s ‘idea worth spreading’ and possibly a little something else we might have up our sleeve.