Private event in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a leading destination for all types of special events. It is one of the top spots for trade shows, conventions, corporate galas, and meetings. Planning a successful event in Las Vegas takes a lot of work. You have to think about the venue, the theme, catering, entertainment, giveaways and so on. Poor planning will not only ruin the event but cost you lot of money. A failed charity gala or a substandard corporate event can destroy the credibility of your organization. Hiring the right people can prevent such disarray. Knowing what goes into planning for your event in Las Vegas puts you a great position.

Get Objectives in Order

All plans should have concrete goals. Establishing the purpose of your event will provide a framework of the event organizer to work with. If your company is having a trade show, what is it looking to gain from it? Do you want to promote a new brand or market to a new audience? Understanding what is at stake will provide a great foundation for your event strategy. You can use these as the measure of how successful an event is.

Who is Attending?

The guests at your event are the linchpins to the whole thing. Of course, the kind of event will dictate who will be part of the guest list. If it’s a trade show, for example, you will want the biggest players in your field to be present. You will also concentrate on getting the right consumers to see what is on offer. For a charity fundraiser, your invitations will be for donor and prospective ones.

JDRF Hope Gala Las Vegas

Understanding your goals will make it less challenging to decide on the guests. Will your event be open to anyone who wishes to attend? Is it a private event or are you selling tickets? Marketing and promotion will be crucial to your success. Regardless of whether your event is public or private, the number of guests you are planning to have is vital. When you have the guest list in mind, then most of the logistics will be simpler to deal with. For instance, knowing the number of visitors will be useful in picking a venue and budgeting for the food. When you have a clue of the type of audience, it will guide your entertainment choices as well.

What Type of Event?

Las Vegas corporate gala

The possibilities are endless when it comes to Las Vegas event planning, from large corporate galas, to private company events, and parties. Identifying the kind of event you are planning is important to its effective promotion and planning. Is it a holiday party for your employees? Is it a launch party for your new product open to the public? Is it a gala with a very exclusive guest list? Identifying what kind of event you are hosting will give you a direction when it comes to the planning stage.

When Will Your Event Be Held?

It’s needless to say, that choosing your event’s date and scheduling it ahead of time should be a priority. Allowing enough planning time is important when it comes to events, as there are many details that can be easily forgotten when rushing to put together an event at the last minute. Enough planning time will ensure your event is composed of nothing but the best; the best venue, the best catering, the best entertainment, the best crew, in short, the best of everything that your event will require.

In addition, planning ahead of time will ensure that you get the venue that best suits your event. With Las Vegas being the entertainment capital of the world, its venues are constantly getting booked for events. The last thing you would want is to find the perfect venue but realize that it’s unavailable due to short notice. Plan ahead and schedule ahead of time, you’ll thank yourself.

Where in Las Vegas Should Your Event Take Place?

Among the top of the must-have list is the venue. Regardless of the type of event, the venue choice is one factor you cannot afford to mess up. A gala or corporate meeting can go down the drain just because the place you held it was not fitting.

Undoubtedly, Las Vegas has earned its distinction stars as a top meeting destination. The city offers a little bit of everything – natural beauty, exciting nightlife, and suitable spaces. Whether you are holding a fundraising gala or have corporate guests flying in from across the globe, Las Vegas has something for you.

The options are truly endless when choosing a venue. There are over 11 million square feet of space available for all types of events. The best part is that the meeting locations are diverse with each one offering a unique charm.

• If you’re looking for spots outside the Las Vegas strip, Red Rock Casino, Eastside Cannery and South Point are good options. If you are looking for relaxing place to have your corporate retreat, the Green Valley Ranch or the Resort of Mount Charleston Hotel would be an ideal pick.
• For an event organizer who wants to add a lively evening after a day of serious work, then numerous casino resorts and hotels provide more than enough to choose.

The size options are also varied and cater to all types of demands.

• If you want an intimate gathering for your corporate gala, then you may need a space that is less than 5,000 sq ft. Think of places like Elara, Marriott Springhill, and Palms Place Hotel for reference.
• For large exhibitions and trade shows, you can get the incredibly spacious convention centers with more than 200,000 sq ft available. The MGM Grand, Palazzo Resort, and Mandalay Bay are some of the most opulent convention centers in the region.

Besides size and ambiance of a venue, some other elements will guide you in making the right choice. The amenities that a venue offers will dictate how best it will serve your guests. If you are going to have children in an event, then pick a place that would provide a secluded play area. For a business conference, you have to know that people will have internet access, presentation facilities and so on.

Access to public services and transport is another aspect that will influence your venue selection. Right next to the Vegas Strip, you have the McCarran International Airport. It is one of the busiest in the world with delegates flying in very day. Visitors can use the Las Vegas tram to get to different parts of the city. Transportation is not an issue when in Las Vegas, making it facile for guests to access different locations.

Clint Holmes performing at Palazzo Las Vegas

The engagement factor is one that most people overlook when preparing events. Lack of engagement can kill the mood of a gathering in a matter of minutes. Short attention spans should not have a chance to wander. Dedicate significant resources to finding the right people to entertain your guests. Make their experience one they can look back on fondly.


champagne chandelierBesides unforgettable memories, the right engagement and entertainment should promote the bottom-line of the event. If it’s a product launch at a convention, ensure that entertainers advertise it. Of course, this has to be well integrated. Find the best way to use your corporate logo or message in entertainment acts. For a trade show or exhibition, you want performances that will direct people to your stand, hence increasing footfall.

Deciding on the right entertainers for your corporate gala, convention, or trade show is essential. Having inappropriate acts at your exhibition can destroy it and your reputation very quickly.

Firstly, decide on the type of entertainers who would be most suitable. Do you get models, musicians, or magic acts? Your audience will mostly dictate this choice. If it’s a corporate gala, then musicians would be ideal. An exciting magic show would also keep guests engaged. A motivational speaker is a safe bet when holding a convention or corporate meeting.

For trade shows and exhibitions you can be as adventurous as possible with performers. Incorporating technology in entertainment acts is one way to wow a crowd. iPad magicians can do that and so can robots. Corporate percussion groups are also excellent choices of entertainment for trade shows. Video mapping dance groups have also grown in popularity over the last few months.

Some of the elements that influence your choice of entertainer include:
• Age and social background of guests
• Venue size and location
• Cost
• Latest trends

Food and Drinks

Las Vegas private event food and drinks

When putting together a shindig or a private party, the food and drink play a significant role. Even with the grandest space in Las Vegas, bad food can destroy an event before it even begins. An event planning company may have catering services or opt to hire one.

Putting together a menu for a large event can be daunting. You have to decide on the number of courses, the type of meals, the portions, and the wine pairings and so on. For this, you must have a full guest list. It will not only help when deciding the costs but the type of dishes as well. For instance, if you have vegetarian attendees, the menus have to take that into account. Caterers also have to incorporate, religious, medical, and personal restrictions when preparing the feast.


Las Vegas brand ambassadors

The right people to work at your event will depend on its size and nature. In a fundraising dinner, for instance, you want to have trained wait staff. Note that inadequate or poor staffing can cause problems. Evaluate every task during the event and have people to attend to each one. Strive to get the best people for the job and get guarantees of their availability. You don’t need people backing out on the D-day.

Other Event Planning Logistics

Giveaways are excellent for trade fairs. Giving attendees a little something for showing up does not only show your appreciation but promotes your brand as well. You can have promotional items as part of the trade show or even give away products from your sponsors. Ensure that giveaways are not only relevant but useful as well. Don’t give something that a participant will throw out even before leaving the venue.

It may appear inconsequential, but poor parking can damage your occasion just as quickly as bad food. When guests arrive, and they don’t have enough space or directions when parking, they can get frustrated. They will lose their enthusiasm before the event begins. There is also the threat of parking accidents, which can cause a lot of damage to both individuals and property. Having well-written and visible signage can prevent such problems. Signage at different points of the venue will make it uncomplicated for guests to find their way

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